Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fresh Berries & Oats Daystarter

It's so simple, I'm addicted.
Take your travel bowls out, this is a great way to have a healthy breakfast on the go!

1/4 Cup Quick Oats [you can use raw oats as well, it just takes longer to absorb the milk]
1/2 Cup Soy Milk [ my preference]
1/4 Cup wild frozen berries [ you can use any fruit you wish, berries are great antioxidants ]
1/3 Cup slivered almonds [ or whole, I found slivered raw in the commissary ]
1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon
1    Teaspoon Splenda [you can also use honey or any sweetener or none!]

Layer this all in your travel bowl, pop on the seal lid, shake! And go...
This morning I enjoyed it in one of my Polish Pottery bowls, and mixed it by hand.

Tasty and Fresh :: Approximately 265 Calories
Many thanks to my cousin Maura for introducing me to this OH so simple breakfast treat...


  1. I am makign this in the morning as we run out the door to early softball games!!!beautiful.. and your picture is wonderful!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Girl Talk this week!

    This looks sooo good and would probably go really great with my homemade granola. Bookmarking it to try sometime after Easter. :)

  3. Yum!! I love your blog, recipes and photography! I'm now following you and hope you will follow my blog :D

    Regards, Mari

  4. Sounds delicious! I think I have all the ingredients so I'm going to give this a try!


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